Past Events

  • 2/26/2019  Westfield, Ohio  "Energize your Inner P.O.W.E.R"  EmpowerHER, Women in Business Conference (1 Hour Luncheon Keynote Experience)

  • 2/13/19    Palm Beach, FL    "The Key to Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise"    Cleveland Clinic Nurse Supervisors' Leadership Summit  (1/2 Day Workshop Experience)

  • 1/24/19    St. Paul, MN    "Your Coast Guard, Our National Maritime First Responders"    Mitchell Hamlin Law School  (1 Hour Keynote Experience)

  • 1/15/19    Chagrin Falls, OH    "The Coast Guard, The Rest of the Story"    Franklin Circle Speakers Series (1 Hour Keynote Experience)

  • 12/6/18    Cleveland, OH    "The KEY to Achieve"     KeyBank Young Professionals (1 Hour Luncheon Workshop Experience)

  • 11/28/18    Garfield Heights, OH    "The P.O.W.E.R. of OMG & LOL"     Garfield Heights High School Glass Ceiling Club (1 Hour Keynote Experience) 

  • 11/14/18    Cleveland, OH  "P.O.W.E.R. Up Tools"    Look-Up to Cleveland  (1 Hour Closing Keynote Experience)

  • 11/9/18    Aurora, OH    "The Key to Lead"    Empowered Women Succeed Conference (1 Hour Keynote Experience) 

  • 11/2/18     Albany, NY    "Rising to Greatness"  Ravena Coeymans Selkirk  High School (1/2 Day Seniors' Workshop Experience (co-presentation)

  • 10/17/18    Dallas, TX    "They Key to Succeed"    Tandy Leather Leadership Conference  (90 min Luncheon  Workshop Experience)

  • 10/16/18    Dallas, TX    "The Coast Guard Story"    Finacial Executive International (FEI) Dallas Chapter (1 Hour Dinner Keynote Experience) 

  • 10/5/18    Cleveland, OH    "Master Your Mutual Future"  Medical Mutual Young Professionals (1 Hour Lunch Experience)

  •  9/12/18    Cleveland, OH    "Are You Out of Your Mind?"    Women Leadership Conference of Northeast Ohio  (1 Hour Closing Keynote Experience)  

  • 9/12/18    Cleveland, OH    "Be  Master Asker, How to Ask for What You Want and Get it."   Women Leadership Conference of Northeast Ohio (90 min Workshop Experience) 

  • 9/6/18    Portland, OR    "Are you Out of Your Mind?"  Coast Guard Women's Leadership Conference 1 Hour Opening Keynote Experience)

  • 9/5/18    Bowling Green, OH    "The Key to Achieve"  BGSU Women's Tennis, Swimming & Diving team  (2 Hour Workshop)

  • 8/31/18    Strongsville, OH    "The Coast Guard, The Rest of the Story"  Strongsville Rotary Club (1 Hour Breakfast Experience) 

  • 8/28/18    Cleveland, OH    "The Key to Lead"    Leadership Cleveland Alumni (3 Hour Workshop Experience) 

  • 8/24/18    Cleveland, OH    "Purpose, Passion,  Prosperity"  University Hospital  (Small Team) (1/2 Day Workshop Experience

  • 8/17/18    Chicago, IL    "Ace Your Future"    ACE Hardware National Convention; Women Business Owner Luncheon (1 Hour Luncheon Experience)  

  • 8/10/18    Cleveland, OH    "The Key to Lead"    Cleveland Clinic Leadership Nurses' Summit (1 Hour Keynote Experience)

  • 7/20/18    Wadsworth OH    "Passion and Goals"  Congressional Staff Lunch and Learn, (3 Hour Workshop)

  • 6/20/18    San Diego, CA    "Unleash the Power of Goal Setting"  Joint Women's Leadership Symposium (90 min Workshop)

  • 6/14/18    Cleveland, OH    "Oh What the Heck, Go for it Anyway"  Rotary YESS Program Graduation Speaker (30 min Motivational Experience) 

  • 5/28/18    Pepper Pike, OH    "Women Heroes in  Service, Standing on the Shoulders of Those who Served Before Us."  Memorial Day  (30 min Memorial Speaker) 

  • 4/24/18    Shaker Heights, OH    "What Girls Do in the Coast Guard P.O.W.E.R. Of OMG & LOL"  Laurel Elementary School  (2 separate X 1-hour Motivational Experience) 

  • 4/16/18    Miami, FL    "The Key to Lead"  Women in Retail Leadership Summitt (1 Hour Keynote Experience)  

  • 3/10/18    Cleveland, OH    "You Can Go Farther"  Junior ROTC Military Ball  Motivational Speaker

  • 3/9/18    Cleveland, OH    "Getting to Equal"  Accenture International Day Women's Day Panel, Panel Member

  • 3/2/18   Cleveland, OH    "The Power of a Veteran"  Cuyahoga Community College Women's Veterans' Event (1 Hour Keynote Experience) 

  • 2/28/18    Cleveland, OH    "Insightful Women" Panel member  Insightful Women Event

  • 1/24/18    Cleveland, OH    "The Power of Goal Setting"  Coast Guard Leadership (90 min Workshop Experience)

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Rear Admiral Ryan will present straightforward, scientifically proven, and measurable techniques that will help you navigate from where you are to where you want to be. She has used and taught these techniques during her U. S. Coast Guard career. A pioneer, she triumphed over obstacles and achieved many historical-firsts for women, including becoming the first woman to rise from the enlisted ranks to Rear Admiral in the U.S. Coast Guard. 

Admiral Ryan is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer, coach, and best selling author, traveling coast to coast, sharing these proven techniques with leading CEOs, fortune 500 companies executives, hospitals, non-profit organizations, high schools and universities, sports teams, women’s groups, and veteran groups. 

Discover how you can increase confidence, tackle daily challenges, live your passion and your life’s purpose. 

Gain the momentum you need to become unstoppable, and achieve your goals in every part of your life; your business, job or career, education, health and fitness, relationships, fun and recreation, legacy and contribution, and personal life, and financial.