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What Our Corporate Clients and

June’s presentations are masterful. She engages her audiences both physically and intellectually. Whether delivering keynotes, conducting workshops, or reinvigorating audiences with her signature “Motivational Moments,” she hits it out of the park every time. Best of all, audiences and event planners like me love her! She is easy to work with and customizes her content to ensure the examples, exercises, and demonstrations match your event’s theme and conference goals. If you’re an event planner looking for the extraordinary, I strongly recommend June.
Yasaman Stewart
Corporate Event Coordinator

We have invited June back to our events multiple times because of her innovative, highly engaging, and upbeat content. She is one of our most highly rated speakers because she customizes her presentations and draws the audience into activities that leave them with "ah-ha" takeaways they put to use right away. For event planners looking for an authentic, powerful speaker who will leave audiences filled with excitement to attend your future events, I enthusiastically recommend June. She is a treasure to coordinate with, and our audience continues to ask to “hear more from June!”
Abby Petty.
Events Manager,
Engage! Cleveland

June’s electrifying keynotes, energizing "Motivational Moments," interactive workshops, and compelling virtual sessions captivates audiences. She brings an unparalleled level of engagement and inspiration to every occasion. Her stories resonate deeply, leaving attendees with lasting leadership insights that resonate long after the event concludes. June's impact is so profound that we've brought her back NUMEROUS TIMES and wholeheartedly recommended her to fellow event planners. Even our seasoned camera and media crews, accustomed to hearing from top-notch speakers, can't stop singing her praises for her presentation style, content, and the positive atmosphere she creates. If you have the opportunity to book June, DO IT!
Jennifer DiPasquale
President & Co-Founder Women in Retail, Women Leading Travel & Hospitality & Total Retail

RADM June Ryan presented a high-energy, interactive full-day workshop and received one of our conferences' highest ratings ever! We are already exploring opportunities to bring her back for additional workshops.
Rick DeChant,
Executive Director
Veteran Services
Cuyahoga Community College

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June’s opening keynote received a standing ovation. Her following workshop was filled to capacity, actually overflowing with people in the hallway peeking in to hear what she was sharing. After that conference, our education committee unanimously voted to bring her back for not just one but two sessions on leadership. I can't speak highly enough about June. Her energy and her stories, all you walk away with, it's phenomenal ~ and I have been sourcing speakers for 20-plus years. She doesn't just fill rooms; she fills hearts and minds. I think that's what everybody wants when you're bringing a speaker into your meeting. I highly recommend June. We absolutely love her and her content.
Addy Kyjawa, CAE, DES
Chief Executive Officer
American Alliance of Orthopaedic Executives (AAOE)

June spoke to our Young Professionals Group. To a person, they walked out of the session energized and having learned something meaningful. June’s presentations are engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking! If you get the chance to book her – seize it!”
Heather Thiltgen, Senior VP
Strategic Markets, Medical Mutual

One of the best keynotes we’ve had in years.”
Shannon Green
Financial Executive International
Dallas, TexasNext to "Success Starts”

What Audience Members Say

Thank you notes, emails, and evals.

  • I didn’t get a chance to say ‘thank you’ in person but I wanted to send a note via email.  I really enjoyed both your breakout and keynote talk on Wednesday.  Being in sales, I need a constant reminder to “reject rejection.”  Your talk gave me great confidence in what I’m doing and not to worry about other’s perceptions of me.  Also, the stat of 60% of sales are made after the 5th call, another great reminder.
  • I attended your Be a Master Asker session.  I applied your suggestions to my most recent Performance Review, and although I didn’t get everything I asked for (yet), I did get a couple of things. Using the “Oh what the heck, go for it anyway” resulted in more than I had going in (to the meeting)  and I am no worse off on those items that are currently a no.  Thank you for the inspiration
  • I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much you inspired one of my subordinates last week.  She is a terrific person but has always struggled with her self-confidence.  We've been trying to provide her with opportunities to excel but she has been fighting us. She came back to work today on fire!  After leaving your talk about setting goals, she actually spoke with our CEO and told him directly that she was going to apply for the top position in his office.  This is the same person who wouldn't even submit her promotion package last year "because she wasn't good enough/smart enough/confident enough to be a warrant."  Wow!
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  • At first, I was mad that my arm went farther the 2nd time, but after thinking about it, I realized that June’s activity made me think I can do more!
  • I just wanted to say how inspirational and wonderful I thought June was today. I know we've had many guest speakers, not just in this class but also in our previous classes together. I thought she was one of the easiest to listen to and felt like I could listen to her talk for hours. Her stories were great in relation to one of our goals for the class of discovering our own leadership. 
  • We received very positive feedback from your very interactive and engaging virtual talk. Our group already told us, back next year, in person!
  • My biggest takeaway, “Turning threats into challenges.”
  • You changed my life!  I was here two years ago and heard you speak.  I took what you shared, applied it, and I have received three promotions.
  • You were fantastic.! I knew you would be just what we all needed, and I was right!  I cannot thank you enough for your work on the presentation the time you gave to us, and your lively way of keeping everybody engaged (over the MS Teams virtual format).  It really was awesome.  I know that they walked away very inspired. Please keep doing what you’re doing. 
  • June was awesome and very easy to engage with; all the exercises were thought-provoking and meaningful.
  • I wanted to say thank you for the amazing workshop today. I received so much positive feedback from everyone, and I personally found so much value in your insights as someone who struggles with self-confidence, self-doubt and impostor syndrome. You have the best vibe and those two house were meaningful and impactful to me and everyone who attended. 
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